Multiple Awards at 'Color Awards' Competition

I just found out from a friend that I got a bunch of awards at the recent international coveted 'Color Awards' (no pun intended). Can you believe they do not even send you an email to let you know when you are selected?!? 

So drinks on me next time we get together!

Here are the awarded images:


2nd Place in 'Silhouette' with an image from Tucson (AZ), from one of my long trips across the US Southwest. Those in turn are somewhere between a silent meditation and an homage to the childhood trips I would do with my mother and brother.


Nominee in 'Portrait' with my fire spinning buddy from Koprivnica in Northern Croatia (they actually put up an entire Renaissance fair for me to photograph: one off the dream list!)


Nominee in 'People' with fishermen on the Drava river in summer


Nominee in 'People' with an image of a welder inside the 'Viro' sugar factory in Northern Croatia. Incidentally, this image is also featured this month on ViewFind in an amazing article.


Nominee in 'Nude' with a portrait of Julia


Nominee in 'Nature' with an image from my regular trips through the US Southwest (this one in Utah). This image is now part of my just released new series '(Dis)Connected'


Nominee in 'Nature' with an image of reflections in the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway


Nominee in 'Architecture' with an image from the 'Viro' sugar factory in Croatia (this one also featured on ViewFind article)


It would seem that each image I submitted was selected as either 'Nominee' or 'Winner', which marks a new record for me!