My photography is a juxtaposition of objectiveness and beauty. In our hyper-stimulated society we seem to have lost the gift of silence, and as such the ability to hear ourselves, and with that gone are also the whispers of creation. We are but drops falling from clouds of existence. Rivers are the flow of all drops that have found each other. The sea I am bathing in is the convergence of all such rivers. I, therefore, dive into the past to re-emerge into the future.

In 2016 and 2017 I had four long stays in Croatia, exploring every angle with the support of a local museum curator. I was interested in witnessing the aftermath of the Homeland War, which I had witnessed as a teenager living next door in Northern Italy. The geographical proximity makes for deep similarities, but the still recent war left deep scars in the neighboring people and land. For me those became contemporary reminders of my parents stories of WWII. So in a way this became deeply personal, a reflection on my own history, on emotional scars, and on re-emergence.

This series uses a cinematic minimalist approach to explore the reflection of emotional landscapes.