Once We Were Here

33T 286004mE 4846760mN

12T 365265mE 4510194mN

16P 745004mE 1158887mN

33W 424590mE 7550843mN

33W 426300mE 7550298mN

12S 319218mE 4144874mN

10S 575708mE 4165794mN

32V 298987mE 6700939mN

32V 597381mE 6644061mN

32V 301083mE 6698591mN

32T 405242mE 4984888mN

10S 541364mE 4186132mN

10S 511540mE 4214699mN

10S 646391mE 4014819mN

13R 523749mE 3434492mN

10S 540381mE 4187268mN

12T 258784mE 4513543mN

12S 456908mE 4087801mN

15R 489073mE 3295706mN

I consider myself privileged: I am white, male, educated, healthy, living in the Western world. I am, however, part of a disenchanted generation: born after WWII when globalization seemed like a great idea, a path towards one big happy family, only to be awakened to a hard reality of inequality and environmental abuse. Now, hardly a day goes by without some alarming news: ice melting, fresh water contamination, overpopulation, corporate greed, food poisoning, oil dependency, wealth inequality, the list goes on. The world has become a playground for the very few at the expense of the many, losing its mystery and raw, unadulterated beauty. I believe the resulting sense of powerlessness has left us disenfranchised, resulting in a lack of social or environmental accountability. 

But is this really the only way? Do we really need to follow this dead-end path?

I experience the context for the work as presenting the viewer with a world where humanity's need for insatiable consumption has led it to the ultimate consumption, that of the consumption of the self. From this point, we are faced with a natural world in which humanity has disappeared and only nature remains, in its solemness. We are reunited with nature's beauty and mystery. Nature endured and overcame the weight of humanity's selfish behaviors.

Presented as a hypothetical archeological study on the nature of co-existence, it is my hope that we can still assume both global and individual responsibility, that we can still change our path forward.

Prints are on Kozo Japanese paper, signed and numbered in front.

Limited edition of

5 at 44"w x 28"h + 1 AP

9 at 29"w x 18"h+ 2 AP