Nicolò Sertorio (1968, Princeton NJ USA) is an internationally exhibited artist with over 15 years of experience in visual storytelling.

Nicolò works in fine art and commercial photography, mixed media, collaboration, and conceptual art. His photos directly respond to the surrounding environment by emphasizing aesthetics and everyday experiences. He seduces the viewer into a world thorn between equilibrium and the break of current issues by exploring the concept of landscape in the ‘romantic’ way of old European masters. His works sometimes radiates a latent violence and inner drama, while disconcerting beauty also emerges among the multiple layers of meaning. With his conceptual approach, Nicolò Sertorio investigates the dynamics of ‘landscape’, including its manipulation and the limits on our assumptions of what it means to us.

In past years he has lived in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, India, France, Germany and United States, and his work reflects those different cultural and aesthetic influences. His work has won several important awards, including American Photography 33+32+30+29, International Color Awards 2016-15-14-13, International Landscape Photographer of the Year top 101, Prix de la Photo Paris, PDN Photo of the Day, The Center for Fine Art Photography ‘Portfolio ShowCase 6’, Photo Week DC International Awards, among others. His work has been featured in Wired Magazine, LensCulture, Kontura Art (Croatia), Domus, AdWeek, Fraction, Double Takes, Time, Curator, Format, Nacional (Croatia), Total Croatia News, Fast Company, Bokeh Bokeh, Feature Shoot, Google ChromeCast, AIGA, Wacom, and ViewFind. In 2017 and 2015 Nicolò Sertorio was recognized and selected as Critical Mass fine art photographer at Portland’s Photo Lucida. In 2016, solo exhibitions traveled across US (Philadelphia) and Croatia (Koprivnica Art Gallery, Split Diocletian Palace, Virovitica Castle) museums.

Sertorio’s works tells a story about the effect of global cultural interaction between Self and Others, between our egocentric and human sides. His series are notable for their conceptual nature and the grand humanistic importance in his approach. 

Nicolò Sertorio currently lives and works in Oakland (CA), USA. He is board member for PhotoAlliance.



PDN 'One Life' (First Prize) with (Dis)Connected
Black & White Spider Awards Nominee

Critical Mass Top 50 with (Dis)Connected
Black & White Spider Awards Nominee
Felix Schoeller Award, finalist in 'Landscape' with (Dis)Connected
American Photography 33
Color Awards, 2nd place + 7 'nominees' ('Portrait', 'People', 'Nature', 'Nude', 'Architecture')

American Photography 32
APA ‘Something Personal’ 

Critical Mass finalist
International Landscape Photographer of the Year top 101
International Color Awards (honorable mention + 4 nominees)
'Landscapes',  The Center for Fine-Art Photography (honorable mention)
SoHo National Photography Competition

ND Awards (3 honorable mentions)
Prix de la Photo Paris
International Loupe Award (6 Bronze)
APA ‘Something Personal’  (2nd prize)
B&W Spider Awards (Nominee)
PDN Photo of the Day
'The Perimeter of the World', Rayko gallery (Honorable mention)
F-Stop 'On The Road'
American Photography 30
ASMP Image
5th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition
InFocus Self-published Photobooks
APA 'Something Personal' (2nd place)
Santa Fe Workshops 'Travels' (honorable mention)

APA 'Curator's Voice'
American Photography 29
Photography Masters Cup 'Fine Art'
The Center for Fine Art Photography 'Portfolio ShowCase 6' for Rest Areas
Best of ASMP
International Loupe Awards

Santa Fe Workshops 'Outside'
International Loupe Awards (1 silver + 8 bronze)
PDN 'World in Focus' ('photo series')
Black & White Spider Awards 'Nude'
PDN 'The Fence' 
The Center for Fine Art Photography 'Simply'
Holland International Image Circuit
PDN 'Go Indie' (1st prize)
APA ‘Something Personal’ 
Planet Global Travel
Holland International Image Circuit
Epson Pano Award
APA SD 'Noir'

Photography Master Cup International Award
Blurb 'Photography Book Now'
Santa Fe Workshops 'Summer'
International Loupe Awards (1 silver + 4 bronze)
FotoWeek DC International Awards
Prix de la Photo Paris
Prix de la Photo Paris
PX3 'Water' (honorable mention )
International Aperture Award
APA ‘Something Personal’ 
Planet Global Travel
ASMP Image
Fotoweek DC International Awards
PDN 'World in Focus'

APA national (1st prize ‘fine-art’)
Altpick awards (1st prize photo series)
Planet Global Travel
APA ‘Something Personal’ 

International Aperture Award (1 silver + 1 bronze)
Prix de la Photo Paris 2007, 2008
APA ‘Something Personal’ 2006, 2007, 2008
Photo France 1996, 1997, 2001


'Lonely Rest Stops of Southwest America', fubiz
'Lonely Rest Stops of Southwest America', French version, fubiz

Interview and feature on 4by6
'(Dis)Connected'on All About Photo
'Once We Were Here' on SFADA (San Francisco Art Dealers Association)
'We Are All Immigrants' on 'AltPick'
'(Dis)Connected' on APA National
'(Dis)Connected' on 'FRACTION'
'Rest Areas' on 'Don't Take Pictures'
'(Dis)Connected' on Linked In Articles, published on July 6, 2017
AltPick on '(Dis)Connected'
'New American Landscape Photography' on Linked In Articles, published on April 26, 2017
'Sweet Beets: A Tour Through Viro Sugar Factory', ViewFind
Edge of Humanity
FeatureShoot Bokeh Bokeh
Feature Shoot Print Swap
Edge of Humanity

'Nine States, One Van and a Man without a Plan', ViewFind
Google ChromeCast (via Getty): featured homepage photographer
Total Croatia News
LensCulture Network Gallery feature
'On the Road' Show on Virovitica Museum (Croatia), published on September, 2016
'On the Road' Show on Croatian Association of Visual Artists (Split official page), published on July, 2016
'On the Road' (Once We Were Here & Rest Areas) on Nacional Magazine On Line (Croatia), published on May, 2016
'On the Road' in Nacional Magazine (Croatia)
'On the Road' Show on Radio Koprivnica Portal (Croatia) 
'On the Road' Show on Radio Drava (Croatia) 
'On the Road' Show on City of Koprivnica (Croatia)
'On the Road' Show on Koprivnica Museum (Croatia)
'On the Road' Show on Culturnet - Croatia Ministry of Culture official page
'On the Road' (Iconic Landscapes: Once We Were Here, Essay) on, published on May 18, 2016
'On the Road' Show (Nicolo Sertorio's landscape photography…) on Linked In Articles, published on April 8, 2016
FORMAT Magazine Holiday Print Sale

art magazin kontura (Croatia)
D. Jalšić Ernečić: 'Passages III: Once We Were Here Nicolò Sertorio's Scar Tissues of Silent Landscapes'
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art feature
AIGA Feature
Wacom feature
FORMAT Magazine Holiday Print Sale

Interview with WPO
Photography Served (Veterans)
AIGA feature
Domus magazine (Rest Areas)
AdWeek (Peregrinations II)
LensCulture feature (Once We Were Here)
Photography Served feature
LensCulture feature (The Road)
APA feature (Rest Areas)
Dickerman Prints Feature
'Carte Blanche' gallery
Conscious Magazine
Artwort (Rest Areas)
missmoss (Rest Areas)
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Thought & Sight
2Krota (Russia)
CNU (China)
FORMAT Magazine Holiday Print Sale

'Best of ASMP 2013' interview
'Thoughts on the Local Photo World'
Derapage (Italy)
AA13 (France)
Triplett-Kyle (Rest Areas)
Bandipur Studios (Rest Areas)

Fraction Magazine Issue 27 on 'Explorations'
'7x7' on Project 24
WINk on 'Explorations'
'Fast Company' on Rest Areas
'East Bay Express' on Peregrinations
'Art Enthusiast' on Peregrinations
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'La Fame' on Explorations
'FF3300' on Rest Areas

'Sri Lanka Sunday Times' on Passages
'Daily Mirror' on Passages
'Red House Canada' on Passages



San Jose State University Photography BA, San Jose CA
Open Show, Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco CA

Virovitica, Radio Virovitica Artist Talk (Interview)
Virovitica, Pejacevic Castle Opening Reception
Split, Diocletian's Palace Dining Room, Artists Talk
Split, Diocletian's Palace Opening Reception
Koprivnica, Radio Koprivnica Artist Talk (Interview)
Koprivnica, Pixell Culture Club, Artists talk ('Burning Man' and 'Death and Rebirth')
Koprivnica Renaissance Festival Photo Workshop 'Light, Fire, and Renaissance Croatian National Cuisine', European Museum Night
Koprivnica University: 'Photography in the World of Social Media'
Koprivnica Art Gallery Opening Reception, International Museum Day
Koprivnica Volunteer lectures for Antun Nemcic Gostovinski Elementary School (career counseling and talk)
ASMP Panel (organizer): 'Producers Panel'

ASMP Panel (organizer): 'Photography Book Publishing Today'
ASMP Panel (organizer): 'The Future of Advertising Photography'
ASMP Panel (organizer): 'The Future of Editorial Photography'
Lecture Foothill college
Lecture De Anza college
Volunteer lectures for East Bay schools (career counseling)
Featured presenter for CCSF lecture series

Lecture at California State University

ASMP panel: 'Photography in the World of Social Media'
Lectures at San Francisco Academy of Art

Lectures at San Francisco Academy of Art



Croatia: Castles, Rural Villages, National Parks & Culinary Experience (10 days on location)

'The Museum, Cultural Landscape and Tourism', Koprivnica, European Museum Night

Lighting on Location: Fort Point (one day on location)

Advanced Printing (ImageFlow)
Location Lighting (USS Hornet, uniformed veterans, one day on location)
Studio Lighting (multiple presenters and studios, one day on location)

Studio Lighting (BlueSky Studios)
Legal Insights Into Photographer's Rights (in collaboration with NPPA)
Lighting on Location: 16th Street Train Station (one day on location)




San Francisco Museum of Modern Art artist gallery
Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Boulevard, Building A, San Francisco CA 94132

49 Geary Street, Suite 405, San Francisco CA 94108